1 Can we provide our own alcohol for our event?
The provisioning of alcohol is at the discretion of our approved caterers.
2Is Ignite handicap accessible?
Yes. In compliance with the ADA, Ignite Glass Studios is completely handicap-accessible.
3Do you have parking?
There is non-metered and non-permitted street parking available around Ignite during events. Please ask about supplemental parking, parking attendant(s), or valet.
4Can I use a caterer that is not on your approved list?
Outside caterers are allowed into the space for an additional fee of $1000. Any caterer not listed is required to sign Ignite's Catering Agreement and return the signed copy to Ignite at least 30 days in advance of the event date. Additionally, the caterer must produce a COI listing Ignite as additionally insured and provide a certified City of Chicago catering and liquor license.
5Do you require security for your events?
In order to maintain adequate security measures, Ignite may require, in its sole discretion and based on the nature and or the size of the event, additional security. Ignite will retain additional security through an approved provider, however all associated fees for additional security personnel are the responsibility of the event client.