Ignition Community Glass (ICG)

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Fostering Social-Emotional Learning Through the Glass Art Experience

Ignite Glass Studios welcomed a new dynamic community to its facility in June 2014.  Ignition Community Glass (ICG) is a non-profit organization offering tuition-free art programming to under-resourced youth in Chicago.  ICG, launched by a group of educators, artists and social justice advocates, leverages the transformative power of the glass art experience to impact the lives of under-resourced youth.

ICG provides a safe after-school environment for students to experiment, incubate ideas and explore the arts and arts management under the guidance of teaching-artist mentors.  The synergy of the elements unique to glass art – collaboration, stamina, trust, discipline and focus – requires a special type of engagement from students and, with it, cultivates social-emotional growth.  The process of making glass art dynamically inspires creativity and problem solving and builds self-confidence and life skills.

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ICG’s art curriculum features:

     • Glass blowing and sculpting
     • Glass fusing
     • Mold making and screen printing 
     • Arts management and entrepreneurship
     • Individual projects and collaborative group projectsTo get support or learn more about ICG’s mission and programming, please contact Trish Tullman at trish@icg-Chicago.org.

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