Ignite Glass Studios’ commitment to strengthening community is enhanced by its partnership with Ignition Community Glass (ICG), a non-profit offering tuition-free art programming to under-served youth in Chicago.  ICG leverages the transformative power of the glass art experience to impact the lives of youth facing formidable challenges in their daily lives.

Ignition Community Glass (ICG) is committed to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in the arts with a specific focus on expanding access in the glass arts. ICG believes that opening the door to glass art education to under-served youth will chip away at the color barrier in the arts and significantly enrich the world of glass art and the glass making community.

ICG provides after-school and during school enrichment opportunities for students to experiment, incubate ideas and explore the arts and arts management under the guidance of teaching-artist mentors.  The synergy of elements unique to glass art – collaboration, stamina, trust, discipline, and focus – require a special type of engagement from students that cultivates social-emotional growth.  The process of making glass art dynamically inspires creativity and problem solving and builds self-confidence and life skills.

ICG’s curriculum introduces students to the natural elements of math, design, and science that organically threads through glass making. With a 2000-degree furnace at its center, glass making draws adolescents in and captures their imagination. It has the powerful quality of movement, creation, and transformation … both in the physical creative process and in the social-emotional growth that engagement in this art form engenders.

To learn more about ICG’s mission & programming, contact Trish Tullman at