Ben Tullman


ben tullman glass artwork image 1Ben Tullman is one of the founders of Ignite glass studios and runs the hot shop operations. He first encountered glass at age twelve making glass beads. The material spoke to him and he always felt a strong affinity to it. Over the last sixteen years he honed his skillset with lots of practice and classes from world renowned glass artists such as Davide Salvadore, Karen Willenbrink-Johnson and Martin Janecky. In his words, “I love the inherent unpredictability and mystery of glass. You have to be adaptive and flexible to work with it because it has a life of its own.” He enjoys teaching and seeing his students grow and excel as well as making his own artwork. When he is not at the studio he practices yoga, and loves to cook.
ben tullman african glass artwork image ben tullman metamorphosis glass artwork ben tullman dimensional-rift glass artwork
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